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About Us

Interview, scout, repeat.


Career Squared, or C2, is an interview podcast featuring everyone from the C-Suite to entry-level. Every guest has to answer the same set of grueling questions, and then assign us our next guest. The cycle goes on, creating an endless chain of varying careers.


C2 peers into each guest’s daily routines and pivotal career junctures. We offer listeners an insider look into each guest’s career, including personal triumphs and failures. Whether you’re a recent graduate, mid-career, or nearing retirement, we hope C2 provides you with keen insights and inspiration.

Peter Kang


By day, Peter’s a product owner at U.S. Bank, but it’s his love for connecting with people and offering career advice that really drives him. Growing up between the Philippines and South Korea, Peter's diverse background gives him a wide network across industries. Peter brings a unique combination of analytical and relational thinking to C2, offering hard hitting questions with a down-to-earth style.

John Buckley


On a given day, John’s either helping one of his clients or helping start a new venture. With a background in video producing and marketing, John started his own marketing consulting business Studio Numio in 2018 servicing both biotech companies and startups. John loves getting inspiration from other career stories, and brings a welcoming, charismatic style to C2.